So from the many lessons I received in my Jungle Upgrade – there was one that stood out and was shown to me in many versions and from many angles.

This culminated in the Donna Martha (The Shamen) giving me a blessing and saying that she saw me being a healing force in the World and speaking about it to 1000’s of people.

Not so much a surprise, but more of a beautiful confirmation ❤️

So the lesson that I got – over and over again – was that I’m here to heal. 
I’m here to hold space for people, and to teach them how to move towards, and to surrender into the pain of their suffering.

Then in this process, they get to heal.

On my journeys, I got to experience this process time and time again, and on a much deeper level than ever before – and with way more consciousness than ever before.

And by experiencing this over and over – I got to see that by FULLY feeling, and FULLY experiencing and SURRENDERING to my deepest, and sometimes darkest shit, that TRUE FREEDOM was available on the other side.

I got to feel that when we resolve our stuff on an energetic level, we get to transcend (rise above) our suffering and transmute (change form) the protection energy back into alignment with our true self.
We get to lower our entropy (level of disorder), to get back into alignment and to become more of who we really are.

To me this felt like truly taking my power back – so empowering – so beautiful ❤️

This was literally the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt.

After explaining some of this to my twinnie Tracy – she sent me this passage from a Gene Keys companion book.

It made the hairs stand up on my arms.

The reason it made the hairs stand up is that as I read it – I knew this was my message to the World.

THIS IS my powerful message to the World so I’m borrowing it 😉 .
So what I’d love you to do – is read this slowly to yourself and really take it in.

This is my message to you ❤️ 

I am here to ask you to move towards that which terrifies you. 
You may think you have a fixed identity, but you don’t. You are forever changing. 
You are designed to bump up against limitations, and then to dissolve into something else. 
Transmutation is the key to your evolution. 
I come when it’s time to hold nothing back, to embrace everything and to live dangerously. 
Release all definitions of who you are, or what you’re capable of. 
Get comfortable with fear.  
Willingly take the lid off of Pandora’s box. 
If you truly want to transcend your suffering, move deeply into it. Surrender.
You can make a quantum leap at any moment, and your true purpose will be revealed.

Sending you all the ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Tim x

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