I realised something really cool this week and that is that I didn’t get a birthday hangover.

So I’m imagining now that you think it’s something connected to booze right?

If you are – you are miles off the mark.

What it’s about is SELF love ❤️

You see what I’ve noticed, which is as deep as fuck, is that I haven’t had my usual come down after my birthday.

I usually get really down as we leave August and head into September.

So when I noticed this strange phenomena, I thought I’d take a look into it as it was very unusual and thought there may be something useful to learn.
What I found was not only useful, but a beautiful confirmation of the healing I received on my jungle journey.

What I realised is that it’s down to SELF love.

You see.

Previously, even up to recently, I was always pretty hard on my SELF and never gave my SELF a break.

This was apart from maybe 2 days of the year.

Xmas day and my birthday.

I had noticed this before but I hadn’t joined all of the dots – now it made perfect sense though.

What I realised when I looked back to my last birthday was that on that day- I chose to relax the rules- I chose to let the love in from other people- I chose to accept myself for who I was- I chose to give myself love- I chose to connect with people and have awesome conversations- I basically chose to feel special for the day.

Wow – that was a massive AHA for me.

I’ve always had the choice to feel like this????

It was always there as a choice – wow!

It was just my identification with all of the stories, the meanings, the beliefs and the old emotions that I was hanging on to that was having me chose otherwise

We have that saying don’t we – would you rather be right or happy?

Well – I was absolutely on the side of being right – right about all of those old bullshit stories that I’d picked up along the way.

My investment in those stories and huge need to be right were the things that were holding my unhappiness in place.

So what now?

That feeling I usually get of a come down as my birthday passes is no longer there.

My birthday has been and gone – and although it was an amazing time which makes me smile when I think about it – there is no feeling of loss.

I actually feel excited and happy 🙂

I now just feel happy because every day….- I now chose to have few rules- I now chose to let the love in from other people- I now chose to accept myself for who I am- I now chose to give myself love- I now chose to connect with people and have awesome conversations- I now chose to feel special EVERY day.

This is the power of when we truly allow yourself to let go of the stories, the meanings, beliefs and the underlying emotions that we carry around with us.

So excited about the future now.

So excited to share my healing journey with more and more people and even more excited about teaching them how to heal themselves using a few simple technique.

Reach out if you want a chat about what I do – it’s powerful shizzle 🦄

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ this journey


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